All About The Grout

The Regrout and reseal specialists

What we're about

Want a new bathroom, but don't want the cost?

Is your bathroom looking old and dirty?  Has your grout and sealant started to turn black?

Our regrout and reseal services take a fraction of the time, and cost a fraction of the price of a full re-tile job.

Is your bathroom or shower a health hazard?

Black spots on your grout and sealant isn't dirt - it's mould.

Nobody wants to bathe themselves, or their children in that; however, we all know having a new bathroom is a cost you could do without.

Loose, cracked or missing tiles?

We're on hand to complete those small tiling jobs that other tilers won't touch. We can do it as part of your regrout or reseal job, or as a standalone service.